Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Deborah Blohm: Jewelry Designer, Gem Healer, Miracle Worker!

Before Deborah Blohm, a former public speaking student, gave me her gem healing, I was stressed and ready to chuck commitments and relationships that felt dead. After the two-hour healing process, in which she placed specific gems on different parts of my body, and asked me questions about my experience, I slept for 12 hours. When I awoke, life had shifted 180 degrees and, instead of being at the end of a cycle, I felt in the middle of life itself - fully here and now, totally renewed, facing a 360 degree future!
So who is Deborah Blohm? In her brochure and website, Deborah shares "My passion for gems began at age 5, in the back yard, breaking open rocks to find the hidden gems inside." Today, Deborah opens people up and their inner essense shines through. Since childhood, she pursued the family business of gemstones and jewelry - receiving advanced degrees in Gemology and Design; traveling the world to explore gem mines, cultures and ancient sites; and eventually developing her healing arts. As Deborah learned more about the hidden power of gems, she became a certified Advanced Crystal Healer and Jikiden Reiki practitioner. Along the way, she immersed herself in NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP), Tony Robbins, T Harv Eker and Landmark Education - In other words, completing the past, clearing limiting beliefs and developing her generative and healing powers.

As you can imagine, her intention. sustained over her lifetime, generates a powerful presence. When Deborah took my public speaking class, it was this presence and tall, flaxen-haired beauty that first amazed me. Yet when she spoke about the children's book she had written for her daughter, "The Adventures of Julia, the Generosity Genie," it was her gentleness.

What is a Gem Healing? Before we began, Deborah explained how the gem healing works. Gems emit vibrations that are related to their colors (which is why sapphires are used to move the gears of watches). Then she asked me questions about my health and history to determine which gems to use and where to direct their healing energies. She prepared the space with burning sage, calming meditational music and laid out several trays of gemstones. I lay on a massage table and wore a kimono. Everything about her actions and voice was gentle as she tied gems beneath my feet and lay them over my body. Deborah worked with 12 chakras instead of only the 7 that I'm familiar with. These 12 included 3 chakras above my crown. This makes sense when I consider that we only use 10% of our brain. The healing she brings about is related to generating a shift in the brain and the body.

As she moved through the process, she asked me specific questions that prompted me to visualize and share what I was seeing. Sometimes my responses were related to events and turning points in my life; sometimes they were related to colors I was seeing. Occasionally she would exchange one gem for another. If a gem rolled off me, she said it was because that chakra didn't require healing. Throughout, her arms were circulating the energy above me. I felt deeply relaxed and apparently, my cat, Louie, did too, because he fell asleep next to my head.

Afterwards, Deborah and I discussed her prescriptions for my well-being, based on our session. I also asked her what 2012 holds in store for us. She was very clear and confident in her response." Together with continued natural disasters and societal upheavals, there's going to be a new begining, as we open up and become aware of what we didn't know that we didn't know." Later, well before bedtime, Louie and I were sound asleep.

A new beginning? Powerful presence, breath-taking beauty and serene gentleness - what an unforgettable combination and how perfect for generating healing. Deborah shared that, years ago in New York City, Tony Robbins brought her up on stage in front of thousands who were at his seminar, at the same time that her brochure was being shown on multiple screens. This image, together with her childhood treasure digs and my experience of her potent gem healing, say to me that Deborah Blohm is destined to present mass healings - in which the inner essence of thousands of participants shines forth. Perhaps this is the new beginning in 2012 that she speaks of?

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By Pamela Kelly Communications