Tuesday, August 28, 2007

August 22, 2007 - With Toast-masters Club 638 in Santa Monica at the IHOP! The gentleman in the brown leather jacket is Robert, the club president. He and Sherry, the VP of Education (not in the photo, unfortunately) enliven the meetings with style and drive. This is only a small fraction of everyone who was there for the meeting, which included my workshop, "Pour in the Juice!" I've presented this workshop to several TMs in the area and it has always created a lot of energy, participation and fun...and gotten the speakers warmed up for their presentations during the second half of the meeting.



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Hawkeye said...

The synchronicity of the Universe is stunning! How perfect it is that you are the coach Peak paired me with. I think my biggest setback is my inability to find my voice when I need it most! Since you helped me work through my family issue earlier this month I have been determined to speak in every situation with confidence and it has obviously brought my life a world of good, wouldn't you agree? I also forgot to tell you that my best friend has seriously considered joining toastmasters with me in the near future. You are an inspiration to me! Great job on the blog.
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