Friday, January 18, 2008

The Red Hot Mama's Guide to "Communicating with VaVoom!"

Lynn Ward, on the right, invited me to partner with her on the "Red Hot Mama!" articles (below), a podcast interview and teleclasses. We met during the October CEO Space trade show ( and Lynn is a fabulous life coach who makes the interview and teleclass process easy, gentle and fun, like dancing, which is what she compares her coaching to. Lynn asks the kinds of questions her clients would ask, many of whom are individuals in transition, and has me apply what I teach to different kinds of situations, and not just to business communications. Since teaching is my passion, I love dancing with Lynn, appreciate her invitation and the opportunity to touch more of you! Learn more about Lynn at and

Listen to our introductory teleclass, "Communicating with VaVoom!" at

I discovered my passion for teaching (which hasn't diminished in over 20 years!) when, as a New York stage actress, I flew to Los Angeles on vacation, took one look at the Hollywood Hills and re-located. Through a miraculous moment of serendipity, a teaching job seemed to drop out of the heavens into my lap. From my first day in front of a voice and speech class at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts West, I have been passionately in love with teaching... like zillions of souls before me... (Imagine how Socrates and his student, Plato, inspired each other; or Aristotle and his pupil, Alexander the Great? Picture the delight young Shakespeare's teacher would have taken in his little Bard)... and zillions of souls after me. Teaching may not be the oldest profession, but it has to be the most satisfying!

I'd love to hear from you: When you think of your favorite teachers, what is it about them that makes them your favorite?


Hawkeye said...

Pam! You've been bag tagged! Come to my blog and see post...
for the details.

Great talking with you this morning. You are such a beacon of light for me!


Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

Just had to tell you how glad I am that you'll be in the Author Coalition booth at the LA Times Fair, Pam. Be sure to blog about it! (-:
Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Authors' Coalition founder