Thursday, January 15, 2009

BookEnds Has Workshop for "Reader-Leaders!"

I love teaching! It connects me with so many amazing individuals, such as Robin Keefe, the beautiful and vibrant President and Founder of BookEnds, a non-profit organization about "Kids helping kids for Literacy." Robin and I met at UCLA Extension 10 years ago. In this photo, she's standing behind me and we're surrounded by some of BookEnds' "Reader-Leaders." This group ranges in ages 7 to 15 and we've just had a public speaking workshop. I was astounded by their knowledge, sophistication and performances!

Since 1998, BookEnds has donated 1.5 million books to children, libraries and schools. Research on literacy shows that access to books impacts children's ability to read, their comprehension, spelling and vocabulary. So now, Robin, her Board and the Reader-Leaders of BookEnds are committed to bringing Los Angeles up to the national average of books per students. Their goal? 7 million books! If you're a book lover, find out how you can help by going to

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