Friday, June 12, 2009


Access Services hosted the “Public Speaking Workshop” on May 28 and 29, 2009. The workshop was presented by UCLA Extension and was attended by 20 representatives from public transit agencies, regional centers and non-profit organizations. Access Services staff Evie Palicz, Luis Garcia, Steve Chang, Geetu Banerjee, Jeff Mora and Charace Thompson also participated.

The two day workshop provided each participant with a solid foundation in public speaking. The course covered several aspects in improving presentation delivery such as connecting with an audience, responding to questions and interruptions, body language and the dynamics of voice and pacing. As part of class exercises, participants gave several presentations that were video-taped. Coaching was given in a supportive and positive environment.

Some feedback received from attendees:

“This class was the best public speaking training that I ever received. I'm definitely going to use the technical tools that we learned in the class for my future presentations.” Art Ida, Culver City

"Public speaking is one of the most feared things. As professionals we sometimes have to give reports and present information in front of an Executive Board, City Council Members and the General Public. The structure and methodology of delivering a precise message is the key. Through this course, I learnt several methods and exercise that will assist me in delivering an effective presentation. I feel more confident in giving presentations and thank you Access Services for facilitating this course!” Dietter Aragon, Foothill Transit

“This was an excellent workshop. The instructor kept us motivated and engaged.” Wayne Wassell, Metro

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